Games I found on internet

Click on the game you want to play and a new window will open. If you want to change, be sure to close the previouse game to prevent your computer from over-gamed effect. These games are based on the shockwave plugin, becoming a standart in interactive and vectorial animation, because it offers a little bit more than for example quicktime. If you have not the shockwave plugin you can get it here


Student live Be a student in this realistic modelisation of student life. I must admit that the Fat Boy Slim background music makes a lot.
Sumo fight A logical game that is not as simple as it could appear. The rules are simple: you can advance or attack or retreat according to the nubers you have. You can also block the attack if you have the same number...
Mars Lander Mars Lander is a little lander you must control and land on Mars. You will soon addict to this game! Tip: use down, left and right to control landers corrections.