Some downloads
-- All files are ziped but mp3 songs --

All programs and documents have been tested by myself and are bug'n'virus free.

Zdarma songs (songs created for Zdarma Company)

Revolution.mp3 414kB

    Révolution Étudiante - October 1998 - This was the first experience with CoolEditPro a guitar and a computer microphone. It became wery known because of the success of Mr. Roland's welcome cocktails.

Zdarmage.mp3 2.68MB

    Zdarmage derrière les rochers - February 2000 - At the begening, it was a censured french house hit that describes Ibiza atmosphear. We have just modified the lyrics for Zdarma parties.

Welcome.mp3 1.41MB

    Welcome to Zdarma 5 - April 2000 - It was a joke we made during the Zdarma party number 5. At midnight I took the microphone and put the playback. Some people came to ask me what kind of a soundcard I have for this result.

Papier.mp3 0.97MB

    Histoire du papier toilette - September 2000 - We were just bored, and decided to make a song. So when you ask a girl to say something or even sing something, it results always in this.

Zdarma.mp3 2.0MB

    Zdarma 6 di Lille - October 2000 - We knew that our songs are very appreciated but hadn't any good idea. The fact is that with this remake we had a great success, thought the song was played 5 times during the party.

Inavitable utilities for Windows

Mouse Imp Pro 536kB

    With this hook for your mouse, you can roll in all direction by clicking the left button. It is a better system than a wheel. Additionaly, you can also let reduce some of your inactive windows to its header (for example icq). The best utility I have never encountered! P.S. For Win2k, you must donwload another version (free on the net).

Revelation.exe 5.3kB

    This mini program is for Windows 9x (95,98,...) and allow to revelate any text that is displayed as stars by the system. It is a good utility to have when you cannot remember the password of some account and you still have a client configured with it.


XTetris.exe 1.72MB

    This version of Tetris is quite different; you have to assemble guys and girls in sexual positions. The sounds are very cool. Don't be the last to check this game played in every office.

BearTend.exe 144kB

    In this small game you have to serve beer to incressing number of dursty clients.